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AudioExpert is a tool to join/merge, clean-up, align, sort and manage music libraries. Supported formats are MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, OGG, OPUS, FLAC, WAV and AAC.

AudioExpert offers - amog others - the following features:

  • Manage, clean up and join music collections quickly and easily.
  • Duplicates will be detected automatically, the better version will be taken over by default.
  • Rearrange albums or artists quickly using drag&drop - AudioExpert will sort-out duplicates itself.
  • Your playlists will be adopted so they will function even after renaiming titles.
  • AutoTagging and MusicBrainz support included e.g. for an inspection of completeness and research purpose.


Details on AudioExpert can be found here
Updates are available for free.

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