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AudioExpert - Changelog

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 20:20

AudioExpert 11.4 is now available!

  • "Find more of..." within the popupmenu to filter the songs quickly
  • Allow duplicates in different folders (this was activated by default) can now be (de)activated in the commit-wizard or the settings dialog (tab "Duplicates")
  • Sproadic flickering of the popupmenu in listview fixed.
  • Sporadic application freeze when using the right mouse key on the listview fixed
  • Audio-Devices that were connected/activated after AudioExpert was startet were not recognized
  • When chaning the format-string in the settings-dialog, the files were probably moved even if the option "Do NOT move files on commit" was active


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Sunday, 29 March 2015 10:34

AudioExpert 11.3 is now available!

  • Autotagging: Errormessage "Request has expired" fixed
  • Flexfilter: Performance- and layout improvements
  • Fixed memoryleak on commit-run & when transcoding musicfiles while synchronizing libraries
  • The database cache size can be changed in the settings dialog (tab "extended)
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Thursday, 05 March 2015 20:36

Currently no translation available.

AudioExpert 11.2 ist verfügbar!

  • Anzeigen gleichnamiger Titel: Unabhängig von Album oder Ordner können alle gleichnamige Titel pro Interpret gefiltert werden (Menü "Ansicht > Zeige nur gleichnamige Titel")
  • Konfigurierbare Toolbar: Häufig benötigte Funktionen können auf eine Toolbar des Hauptformulars gelegt werden.
    Ein Anpassen der Tastenkürzel (Shortcuts) ist für die meisten Funktionen möglich. (Menü "Extras > Toolbar und Tastenkürzel konfigurieren")
  • Benutzerdefinierte Tools: Das Menü "Extras > Tools" (auch per rechte-Maus-Taste) kann um eigene Kommandozeilen- oder Internetbasierte Funktionen erweitert werden
  • Verzeichnisse überwachen (Beta): Sie können ein oder mehrere Verzeichnisse überwachen lassen. Solange AudioExpert läuft, werden Änderungen in diesen Verzeichnissen automatisch in der Datenbank nachgezogen
  • Neue Optionen für die Playersteuerung im Menü "Player": "Aktuellen Titel endlos wiedergeben" und "Nächsten Titel an gleicher Stelle wiedergeben". Letztere Option ist interessant, wenn man zwischen gleichen Titeln in unterschiedlicher Qualität hin- und her schalten möchte, um diese zu vergleichen
  • Zusätzliches Wiedergabefenster über Menü "Player > Zeige große Playersteuerung" anzeigbar
  • Das Kopieren von Dateien verwendet nun eine andere Windows-API-Funktion. Gerade beim Kopieren auf MTP-Geräte werden die anderen Windows-Prozesse nicht mehr so stark ausgebremst
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Wednesday, 21 January 2015 00:00

AudioExpert 11.1 is available!

  • New feature to repair playlists (menu "Playlists > Repair Playlists" or via the right mouse button in the Playlist Editor)
  • Adjustable identifiers for multiple CDs (menu "Extras > Settings > Albums")
  • The MusicBrainz IDs can optionally be written in the ID tags of MP3 and OGG files (menu "Extras > Settings> General")
  • You can configure for ID3V2 which ratings  are to be read and written (menu "Extras > Settings> Ratings")
  • Removing entries from drop-down lists possible using Ctrl + Del
  • Album Cover can be copied to the clipboard as an image
  • Adaptation of the duplicate cleanup dialog (menu "Tools> Check the last import duplicates")
    The "Status" column now shows whether the sorted file is a newly imported or existing file. An additional icon visualizes this in the details for each title
  • Search for album cover: Dialogue may be execute immediately using the shift key. Double-click on a blank screen also starts the scanning process.
  • At the bottom of the main window on the tab "General", additional details such as genre, year, etc.. can be shown. Note the small black arrow at the bottom right. Direct editing of the focused title in the main window on the "General" tab is now supported (Save by pressing the ENTER key), as well as Artists and albums can also be edited in principle at this point, however, is thereby changed only active track, which is not efficient normally. Select multiple files and use the "Move to ..." here is the drug of choice. Therefore, the input fields for artist and album are also of the optics, no normal input fields.
  • Slow double-click in list and tree views to start edit mode (turn off in the menu "Extras > Settings> General")
  • Separately adjustable font for dialogs and lists (menu "Extras > Settings> Display"
    Note: A large font for the dialogues can cause text to be cut off in dialogs or shown mutilated.
  • Adjustable line spacing for List View (menu "Extras > Settings> Display")
  • Selection dialog for albums Cover: New switch "Accept only checked" (all unchecked will be deleted)
  • In the case of duplicates, the evaluation of the duration time can be adopted manually (menu "Extras > Settings> duplicates"
    (Title of about the same length of playing time as "equal length" rated, as long as the tolerance limit is not exceeded)
  • Playlist Editor: The active playlist can be opened in a text editor by right-mouse button
  • Only FREE EDITION: Disable the "shareware dialogue" and remove the restriction of the music recognition by a coffee donation
    Menu "?> Buy me some coffee"



  • Memory leak in the "Global Search": After each search, a significant memory block was not released, resulting in a "Not enough memory" error after working with this function for a longer time.
  • Export / Sync on portable devices running Windows 8 was not possible
  • Dialogue "Results of the music recognition": The "Mark all" resulted in an error message
  • Synchronizing libraries: The option "Ignore Read Only flag" was not saved
  • Some settings for folders were not written in the hidden files "Folder.ini" and therefore not restored when re-importing
  • With active option "do NOT rename files", albumcovers were not moved to the correct place.

Update 02/01/2015 (

  • Possible deadlock when quickly playing files that contained several images
  • AudioExpert can be used without soundcard

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014 12:34

AudioExpert 11.0 is available!

  • New music recognition service uses 
    The previous service(the.echonest) will be cancelled by 5th January 2015.
    The basic delivery of AudioExpert comes with a quota if 50,000 queries. You can order additional querys in the onlineshop.
  • Exporting tracklist to textfile: Additional column "Filename" is available.
  • New option: Do not write tracknumber"0" to the ID-tags
  • New option: Userdefined separator fpor multiple artists


  • Within the "reorg" process, sometimes playlists have been deleted
  • Renaming metadata supports placeholders  (%Artist% etc.)
  • View "Like Windows Explorer":
    * Fixed memory leak that ended in sporadic exceptions
    * Exporting tracklists / albumlists works also in this mode
  • Synchronization of libraries: 
    * The ordering of automatically generated playlists was wrong
    * Covers were sometimes not synced properly
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