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AudioExpert ist now available.

After a major refactoring, AudioExpert now uses the TagLib to write the ID-Tags to the music files. In Addition, some further enhancements and improvements are available.


Version 8.0 contains the following improvements, extensions or bugfixes:


  • New Tagging-Engine
    As of this version, AudioExpert uses the Tagging-Engine "TagLib", except for the following:
    If you have set the encoding for mp3-files to  ID3v2.3 AudioExpert will still use AudioGenie, since TagLib can only write ID3v2.4.
    WMA files will also be processed using AudioGenie, because TagLib has problems with DRM protected WMA files.
  • Format-String for album-subfolders
    The naming convention for subfolders for albums can now be different for standard albums and samplers. See settings dialog.
  • Font
    In the settings dialog you can also define the font to use.
  • CD-Import
    In some cases, some few imported tracks were highlighted in red, even though they were imported correctly.
    Furthermore, you now can define if imorting tracks from a CD should overwrite all existing tracks or only those with a lower quality.
  • Grouping by album in the treeview
    Deactivating the grouping by album will affect the filesystem by default. If you want to hide the albums in AudioExpert too, you will have to activate the option in the settings dialog (similar to the handling of artists).
  • Searching vor moved or renamed tracks
    Files that were marked as "deleted" in AudioExpert will no longer be reported.
  • Find duplicates by fingerprint
    The menu "Mark all duplicates" and "Delete all duplicates" will regard the bitrate of the tracks, so the better quality will be kept by default.
  • Misc
    Some other improvements are included that are not mentioned in detail here.

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