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AudioExpert 9.0.9 is now available. This version contains the following improvements, extensions and bugfixes:

  • Editing artists or albums: In case one has entered a trailing whitespace, this might have resultet in an errormessage.
    Therefore, artists, albums or tracknames will be trimmed before applying.
  • Importing CDs: When including albumart and the searchrun for the covers had not finished before closing the window, an errormessage might have come up.
  • Repair database: In some cases, this function (available in the startmenu folder) did not succeed but displayed an error
  • Viszalization: Reopening the visualization window sometimes displayed an errormessage
  • The menu "Rollback changes" or "Delete all tracks from database" now require a double-confirmation
  • The tagging-engine "tagLib" was updated to version 1.8

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