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AudioExpert 9.1.0 is now available. This version contains the following improvements, extensions and bugfixes:

  • Userdefined catalog:
    Users that already have an existing database containing information on artists and albums can import these data into AudioExpert to have it available for tagging (e.g. while imported CDs)
  • In the "manage playlists" dialog a new function is available to mass-update the content of you playlists. In case the filenames have a systematic error, it can be fixed easily this way.
  • While normalizing the loudness of AudioFiles using mp3Gain or ReplayGain, sometimes an error "callback requested query abort" occured
  • While synchronizing libraries you can make AudioExpert to create the genre as subfolder
  • Fixed problems while changing artists or albums within the the "overall field change" dialog
  • The "Check duplicates of last import tun" dialog offers a new search function
  • The "Select Folder" Dialog now works properly on Windows Vista
  • The new FlexFilter allows a hierarchical filtering of your files: Define one or more searchfields (e.g. genre, year...) and select those values from a listbox you are interested in. AudioExpert will apply this filter and show only matching files. It's possible to save and reload those filters.
  • Smaller fixes for windows 8


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