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Audio Expert 9.6.0 is now available. This version contains the following improvements, enhancements and bugfixes:

  • The "Sampler Album Search" (menu "Search") now has a preview function
  • In the overall-field change the filename can be selected as source
  • The CD Import supports additional artists
  • The column width in the preview of the overall fieldchange is stored
  • Generating "random libraries" (menu "Library> generate random library") helps to create a  subset for synchroinisation to external media
  • Reverse Synchronizing libraries: Deleted or added titles in the destination folder can also be deleted/added in AudioExpert
  • A detailed protocol for synchronization of libraries is included
  • iTunes Export: Tracks that AudioExpert does not find in iTunes can be flagged with a category so that they can be manually deleted from iTunes. This is especially helpful when these songs should be deleted from the iCloud, since otherwise iTunes will display a dialog for each track separately
  • Export to iTunes can be initiated immediately after the commit run
  • The handling of Ctrl + F (Global Search / Quick Search) can be configured in the settings, so the first hit of Ctrl + F will immediately open the quicksearch (menu "Extras > Options", "View" tab)
  • Gaps in the numbering of songs  can be highlighted by a red line when the new option is selected in the settings ("View" tab)
  • The report function ("File> Generate Report") also generates statistics on libraries and keywords
  • You can define a start-position for the music recognition in the settings dialog, tab "Internet"
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of the needed disk space if the option "Do not move tracks" is activated in the commit wizard
  • In the detailed search (menu "Search> Search in Database") it is possible to search for an exact match of  title by using double quotes ("text")
  • Fixed a bug that in the "Repair Database" function that forced the function to fail under certain circumstances
  • Cleanup notation: The text in brackes can be removed
  • Tag- and library infos were sometimes deleted in case of a duplicate track was deleted

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