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Audio Expert 9.6.1 is now available. This version contains the following improvements, enhancements and bugfixes:

  • iTunes-Export: You can select if the entire collection should be exported or only a subset (library)
  • Import: If a file of a better quality is imported that does not contain lyrics, the lyrics will be copied from the existing file. In addition, previously existing imaged willl be re-intrgrated within the next commit run.
  • Flexfilter: Extended filter criteria "Playcount " and "Imported on"
  • Quickfilter: New searchfileds "Imported on", "Playcount" and "Last played on"
  • Quickfilter: It is possible to configure the fileds to search for
  • Quickfilter: Settings dialog offers the option to expand all nodes in the treeview within an active quicksearch
  • Quickfilter: Canneling the quicksearch will restore the last tree state in case no other node has been selected manually
  • New database: using menu "Extras > Database tools > New database" you can create a new, empty database
  • MusicBrainz-sync: Artists or albums containing an '/' could not be aligned
  • The settings of "Normalize loudness" are stored and restored when reopening the form

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