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AudioExpert 10.2 is now available. This version contains the following improvements and bugfixes:

  • Autocreated playlists while synchronizing libraries
    The generated playlist can retrieve the name of the subfolder
  • AutoTagging: Checkbox for tracks to apply
    The resultlist contains a checkbox to define which items to apply
  • Additional confirmation dialog
    While renaming an artist or emtpying an entire folder, an additional confirmation dialog is shown
  • FTP-Upload for bugreport
    For larger databases an intergated FTP upload for analysis purpose is now availanle



  • CD-Import: When importing files with a long filename (>250 chars), the commit wizard failed
  • Sporadic error "columns ArtistID, AlbumName, FolderID, Sampler, Main, Deleted, Preview are not unique" within the commitrun fixed
  • Memoryleak in commit wizard, if corrupted audiofiles were present
  • Spradic"Genral protection fault" while closing AudioExpert fixed


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