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AudioExpert 10.2.3 is now available. This version contains the following improvements and bugfixes:

  • New version of the database-engine "SQlite"
  • Nonexisting files can be marked with an "!" in the listview
  • While exporting playlists, you can edit the name of the optional playlist that can be created.
  • Menu "Manage playlists" offers opening the playlists in external editors. In addition, it's possible to export playlists directly from here.
  • Renaming folders in the view "Like Windows-Explorer" will rename folders even if only the casesensitiveness has changed
  • Bugfix in "Repair database" tool
  • The German placeholders "%Interpret%"  etc. work again
  • Memoryleak in the view "Like Windows Explorer" fixed.
  • Added more checks to the consistencycheck


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