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AudioExpert 11.0 is available!

  • New music recognition service uses 
    The previous service(the.echonest) will be cancelled by 5th January 2015.
    The basic delivery of AudioExpert comes with a quota if 50,000 queries. You can order additional querys in the onlineshop.
  • Exporting tracklist to textfile: Additional column "Filename" is available.
  • New option: Do not write tracknumber"0" to the ID-tags
  • New option: Userdefined separator fpor multiple artists


  • Within the "reorg" process, sometimes playlists have been deleted
  • Renaming metadata supports placeholders  (%Artist% etc.)
  • View "Like Windows Explorer":
    * Fixed memory leak that ended in sporadic exceptions
    * Exporting tracklists / albumlists works also in this mode
  • Synchronization of libraries: 
    * The ordering of automatically generated playlists was wrong
    * Covers were sometimes not synced properly

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