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AudioExpert 15.1 is available!

  • Commit only selected tracks: Allows you to apply the modifications only for those tracks that are selected
  • Duplicates by fingerprint: Possibility to replace all duplicates of the active group with the selected version
  • Duplicates by fingerprint: Select all duplicates of group will select all version with lower quality
  • Change library path: The preview contains an icon that indicates if the modified filepath exists
  • Sync libraries: When creating playlists automatically, a new mode "automatic" is available for naming the generated playlist: "<albumname>.m3u" for compilations or "<artist> - <albumname>.m3u" for artist-albums

  • Sometimes AudioExpert mixed up the selected output-audiodevice when restarting the app
  • Albumproperties-dialog: Error when "albumyear" was empty is fixed
  • Flexfilter: When filtering comment, albumcomment or artistcomment did not word
  • Search ylrics: Some lyrics got cropped if they contained formattings
  • CD-import: If no albumcover was found, a errordialog popped up that imterrupted the import process. Now a small bubblehint will pop up and the import process continues.

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