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Finally, Version 5.0 of AudioExpert has been released! A lot of new features and also some bugfixes are included in this version.

New features / changes

  • Rating for tracks (0-5 stars)
  • Changing fontsize and colors in the settings dialog.
  • Disk number tag will be supported. You can change the disknumber easily in the album properties dialog.
  • Albums that consist of more than one disk can be stored in one single folder on your harddrive.
  • New parameters %DISCNUMBER% and %DISCNUMBER.% (see helpfile) for formatting filenames
  • Within the Album-properties dialog you can adopt genre and year for all included tracks at once
  • Editing within the title properties dialog is now supported.
  • Several reports and analysis are available
  • Export titles and albumlists in several formats including HTML, CSV and XLS
  • New view for replay tracks (switch using F3)
  • Fast-forward the title currently playing by 5, 20 or 120 seconds using shortcuts (see helpfile)
  • Encoding and Format for ID3V2-Tags can be set in the settings dialog.
  • Searching for the genre within the Quicksearch (Ctrl+F)
  • Automated versoncheck on startup (only full version; can be turned off)
  • Additional picture formats (e.g. GIF, PNG, PCX...) are now supported.
  • New layout for the wizards (easy navigation)
  • Associate imported tracks directly to a (new) library within the import wizard.
  • In case of an acrive filter, the treeview will be shown in a different color to visualize that a search is active



  • New AudioGenie.DLL (some pictures became invalid on saving)
  • Unique key violation on very long albumnames or in case of special unicode characters
  • MusicBrainz alignment failed for sampler albums
  • Autotagging sometimes returned an empty artist
  • Autotagging returned a wrong tracknumber
  • Coversearch for sampler albums did not work
  • Searching for covers at google failed after few minutes
  • Using special unicode characters for Tags or Libraries resulted in an index violation on commit
  • Changing the folder-structure was not rollbacked properly
  • Sort-order for sampler albums was wrong
  • Error on rescanning medialibrary fixed
  • Synchronizing libraries did not properly copy folder images

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