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The new version of AudioExpert is available!

The version 5.1.0 includes the following enhancements

  • If you had imported the identical file more than once to different folders in AudioExpert and committed your changes using the option "Move/Delete files", only the first file was moved - the second one failed, because the file was already moved. As of this version, the tracks will be duplicated in this case.
  • Metadata (e.g. Covers or Playlists) that could not be assigned to exactly one artist or album will NOT be copied or moved on commit. They will remain in the original location. In case of a playlist, the playlist itself will be adopted nevertheless.
  • Performance optimizaion on renaming or deleting artists or albums.

The following bugs were fixed:

  • Sometimes empty folders remained after commiting changes when using option "move/delete files"
  • The settings for ID3V2 Format/Encoding were not applied correctly. The tags were always written in ANSI format
  • If you moved a whole folder to a differen hierarchy level, the associated tracks were not set to preview and therefore they were not moved within the next commit process
  • The button "Show errors" after a commit run (that contained errors) did not work properly
  • Wrong time information on normalizing the loudness of tracks
  • Removing the normalization information of normalized tracks did not work correctly
  • The errordetection was improved so it does detect more possibly errors
  • Within the view "Show deleted files" an error came up in case the list contained a deleted sampler folder

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