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Now Duplicates will feel the heat: The new version of AudioExpert is available and offers an interesting feature: Detecting duplicates regardless of audioformat, bitrate and encoding is now possible!

The Version 5.3.0 comes with the following features and changes:

  • Check duplicates
  • The new menus "Extras | Check duplicates by MD5 checksum" and "Extras | Check duplicates by Fingerprint" (also available in the context menu of the treeview) allow you to search for duplicates in your entire library. The acoustic fingerprint enables AudioExpert to detect duplicates that were encoded in different formats or bitrates. The found items are shown in a separate screen where you can easily check the results.
    Note: The fingerprint-based duplicate detection is not available in the Free-Edition.
  • AutoTagging with "Album-mode"
    If you want to autotag complete albums, this feature will try to match all tracks to the same album, even if the autotagging engine suggests differens albums by default.
  • Normalize notation
    You can now add a constraint to the processing: Advise AudioExpert to process only those texts that were completely lower- or uppercase
  • Adjust notation
    Some new features helps you to remove e.g. URLs or special characters
  • Import wizard
    It is now possible to turn off the import of playlists.
    To prevent existing tracks from being overwritten by a misstagged, false version, you can use an additional check that replaces the duplicate only if either the MD5-checksum or the acoustic fingerprint are the same. This, however, will slow down the import process on every possible duplicate that was found.
  • Performance optimization on committing changes
    Deleting duplicates was rather slow on large libraries, this should now be faster.

The following errors were fixed

  • Deleting albums did not delete the assigned metadata
  • Sometimes, empty folders remained after committing changes
  • After having moved a title to the trash, the trash was sometimes empty. The tiles appeared after reorganizing the database
  • The Drag&Drop mode showed empty albums by default
  • Errormessage when performing Drag&Drop within the DND-Mode preview
  • ReplayGain for Ogg-Files was not executed
  • "Der Listenindex überschreitet das Maximum"  (list index out of bounds) when navigating in the treeview


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