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A ServiceRelease of AudioExpert, Version 5.3.1, was released

New features / changes:

  • Metadata (e.g. Albumcovers) for the displayed album can now be renamed
  • Adding new Albumcovers is possible by clicking the new button below the image



  • AccessViolation within MusicBrainz alignment when clicking in an empty part of the lower listview fixed
  • After having renamed a track it was no longer shown in the FingerPrint search
  • AudioExpert hangs on checking duplicates if "Allow duplicates if the FingerPrint differs" was selected
  • "Imported on" Timestamp was changed on renaming a track
  • Trying to open an import/commit report from the report browser resulted in an errormessage (Date-Format)
  • Music replay stopped after closing e.g. the MusicBrainz alignment window

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