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AudioExpert 5.4 is released. This version contrains an enhanced caching and some more optimizations and bugfixes

New features / changes:

  • Impoved performance on committing changes
    Especially "Processing deleted files" is now much, much faster.
  • Backup of the state for artists and albums on commit
    The additional information on artists and albums such as "aligned with MusicBrainz", "Album complete" etc. will be saved on committing changes. Reimporting the library can now restore these values.
  • Caching of preprocessed metainformation and the music recognition service
    All preprocessed metadata and the results of the music recognition server will be cached by default. So even if you re-import your library from scratch, these data are still available and speed up things a lot. See helpfile, chapter "Settings".
  • MusicBrainz alignment
    The result list for artists and albums within the MusicBrainz alignment will now be sorted alphabetically, if more than 10 hits were returned. But nevertheless, the top-5 items will still be placed on top of the list.
  • The Local cache has noch a hierarchical structure, that improves accessing the files



  • "Delete titles with errors on last commit" did not work.
  • Scrollling through the treeview using (cursor)keys did not scroll the tree if the focus left the visible region.
  • Playing tracks from a playlist, deleting the current track and trying to skip to the next one failed.
  • Sporadic errors when moving the mainform fixed

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