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The new version 5.5 of AudioExpert is available

This version contains some major bugfixes. Therefore it is strongly recommended to upgrade to this version. In addition, it might be necessary to re-import your musicfiles by using the menu "Extras | Database tools | Rescan media library"

New features / changes:

  • New function "Find moved or renamed files"
    Using this function will search your local musicarchive for changes that were made e.g. using the windows explorer
  • Enhanced errormessages
    In case of a very long filename (Windows limit of 260 chars) the logfile contained only a message, that the file could not be copied. Now, the reason will be added
    Using the MusicBrainz alignemnt and no active internetconnetcion, the message "Socket Error xxx" will be shown instead of "Artist could not be found."
  • Improved sampler detection
  • "Thumbs.db" will no longer be imported (if you have activated "import metadata")
  • After createing a new folder in AudioExpert, the folder properties dialog will be shown immediately to define the proper settings.



  • Duplicates were not deleted on committing changes
  • Renaming artists/albums did not move the associated metadata everytime
  • The MusicBrainz alignmend was disabled after using "Search all unassigned tracks"
  • Using more than one monitor, a new window always popped up on the primary display

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