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Version 6.0 of AudioExpert is now available. It comes up with a load of new functionalities, improvements and bugfixes.

Version contains the following changes and enhancements:

  • Long filenames
    As of this version, AudioExpert can handle filenames up to a length of 2,000 characters - NTFS filesystem assumed. Updating an existing database to the new version might take some seconds. Please keep in mind that some programs have difficulties handling filenames longer than 259 characters!

  • Exception-handling within long search processes
    In case of an error within the autotagging-process, MusicBrainz alignment or coversearch because of a problem with the internet connection or because the called server is temporarily not available, AudioExpert will display a popup windows allowing to retry or cancel the process. If the user does not press any button, AudioExpert will resume after 3 minutes. So even longer search processes will succeed if running over night.

  • Collation
    The collation (esp. for special characters thinking of Umlauts, Accents, other special chars) will be done using the windows locale settings.

  • Find moved or renamed tracks
    In case you have renamed files manually in the filesystem or tagged musicfiles using a different tagging-tools, AudioExpert can search for changed files and offer to import the changes only. So you don't have to do a full reimport. Menu "File | Find moved or renamed tracks".

  • Find and delete empty directories
    AudioExpert can search for empty directories and delete them. If you want to, AudioExpert can delete "unneeded" files (that are files that are not referenced by AudioExpert's Database) before trying to remove a directory. Menu "File | Find and delete empty directories"

  • Rename metadata
    Albumcovers and other metadata can be renamed using menu "File | Rename and renum album covers"

  • Search sampler albums
    You can search for sampler albums that have been split up to different artists using the new menu "Search | Search sampler albums".

  • Mark albums as "complete"
    You can mark albums as "complete" manually. Whenever you try to import other tracks of such an album, these tracks will be rejected. Menu "Edit | Mark as... | Mark as complete" or use the context-menu or the shortcut Shift+F6.

  • Filenames
    For naming files the new fileds  %YEAR% and %DISCCOUNT% are available

  • Bubble-hint when moving files to the trash-folder
    Whenver a track is moved to the trash-folder, AudioExpert can display a bubble hint or a small icon that willl flash for some seconds. This option is available in the Settings, page "Extended".

  • Quicksearch
    The quicksearch (Ctrl+F) supports now searching for filenames and the number of tracks per albuim.

  • Memory usage on batch-updates
    Doing larger updates (e.g. renaming a folder, changing the notation for many tracks etc.) AudioExpert will write the changes frequently to the database to reduce memory consumption. That means, larger changes cannot be undone using Ctrl+Z. However, a rollback to the last committed state is still possible.

  • Switching database
    Using the menu "Extras | Switch database" you can switch to a different database-file if you want to manage different music collection (not available in the FREE-edition).

  • Additional album-properies
    Albums that contain more than one CD might have additional information to the disc-nuumber, e.g. "ABBA - The Collection (disc 1: Classic)". AudioExpert supports this notation if you separate the additional text with a colon from the disc number, see example.

  • Size of dropdown boxes
    Dropping down a combobox, AudioExpert will increase the width of the dropdownlist to display more text.

  • Importing files of same quality
    If you are importing a track of the same quality, the track will be treated as duplicate and will not be emported as of this version.

  • Repairing database
    In case the database file got corrupted you can try to repair it using the tool "RepairDatabase.cmd" that can be found in the program-folder of AudioExpert. It is necessary to close AudioExpert before running this batch job.

  • Musepack files
    AudioExpert now supports MusePack files

  • Convert UTF8 to Unicode
    In case you have UTF8 encoded texts that have been saved with a wrong encoding (UTF16), AudioExpert can reconvert the texts using the menu "Edit | Convert UTF8 to Unicode".

  • Quicksync mode
    When importing files using the quicksync-mode, tracks having the same ID tags will not be imported even if you have set one of the options "Use Fingerprint" or "use MD5 checksum".This is to speed up the import process when aligning with a collection that was previously imported and you only want to check for new tracks.

  • Autotagging
    You can define the standard folders for normal albums and samplers within the autotagging result options.

  • "Compilation"-flag for MP4/M4A files
    The iTunes-Flag "Compilation" will be set for MP4/M4A files.

  • Bulk-change in ListView
    Having selected multiple tracks in the listview, you can perform a bulk-change for Genre, Year and Rating calling the title properties dialog.

  • "Organize ID-tags for genre and year"-dialog
    The default values can be set manually.

  • Copy & Paste for albumcovers
    Using the right mouse key over the albumcover, you can add, copy and pase (new) albumcovers
  • "Complete"-flag
    Renaming an album that was marked as "complete" will no longer reset the "complete" flag.


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Sporadic beep-sound while autotagging
  • Changing the case-mode for special characters only (e.g. "Ä" to "ä") could make the file being deleted within the next commit run
  • The quicksearch did not return any results when searching for a text enclosed with "*" that contained other wildcards (e.g. "*B?T*")
  • The case-mode of the subdirectories will also be changed within the commit run
  • Selecting anAlbum from the dropdown-box in the listview did not work
  • Errormessage "cannot commit - no transaction is active" fixed
  • After having moved a whole sampler-album to a non-sampler folder the next commit run failed with an error. The consistencycheck fixes this problem.

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