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An update of AudioExpert, Version, is available. AudioExpert got some new, useful features and of course some bugfixes.

Version 6.1 contains the following changes and enhancements:

  • User-definded max. length for filenames
    As of versiojn 6.0, AudioExpert can handle filenames up to a length of 2,000 characters. If you want to put such files on a CD or an MP3-player that does not use the NTFS filesystem, you might face some problems. Therefore you can limit the length for filenames and subdirectories separately. This can be done in the settings to limit the length in general. When exporting files to a directory, synchronizing libraries or exporting playlists, you can define different settings. Furthermore, you can also adopt the format strings for the filenames.

  • Subdirectories for albums
    Each folder properties dialog offers a new option "Use album as subfolder". Deselecting this option will store all tracks in the artist's folder (if applicable).
  • Default genre for artists
    You can define a default genre for each artist. This will be applied to tracks that don't have a genre yet. You can also make AudioExpert to apply this genre to all tracks, not regarding any existing values.

  • Collation for albums
    Albums having more than 9 CDs will be sorted numerically ascending  (1, 2, 3, ... 9, 10, 11 and no longer 1, 10, 11, 2, 3, 4, ...)
    This will also be the case for albums having an enumeration such as Bravo Hits 1, Bravo Hits 2 etc.
  • Storing settings in database
    AudioExpert will store its settings mainly in the database, so in case you switch to a different database, your settings will change, too. As a fallback, the local registry will still be used.
  • Remove non-existing files from playlist
    The playlist editor can remove non-existing files from the list.
  • Filter "Show albums without album-medatata"
    Using the menu "View" and applying this filter will hide all albums that have alread some album specific metadata (such as albumcovers). This might help you to review albums that don't have any metadata yet.
  • MusicBrainz alignemt: Move tracks to new album
    Tracks that could not be matched to the current album can be moved easily to a new album. This helps a lot to split mixed-up albus to the proper albums.
  • MusicBrainz alignemt: Better matching
    If MusicBrainz knows different versions of an album, e.g. having different trackcounts, AudioExpert will preselect the best-fitting version by default.
  • Memory usage within import
    The import process was optimized and requires less memory.

  • Consistencycheck
    The consistencycheck can fix an index-error "columns ArtistID, AlbumName, FolderID, Sampler, Deleted, Preview are not unique" that was probably caused by a bug of version 5.5


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Swithing the database did not switch the recently used libraries or tags
  • Deleting a track did not delete its tag- and library information
  • Playlists were not update properly if the filename contained the year or discnumber
  • Updating an ExtM3U playlist could end up in a dedalock if the extM3u-format was not valid
  • Mp3 files with a corrupted header could make AudioExpert to crash

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