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An update of AudioExpert, Version, is available. AudioExpert got some new features and of course some bugfixes.

Version 6.2 contains the following changes and enhancements:

  • Check dpulicates (after import): Traffic-light status
    The list of detected duplicates within the import process now contains the traffic-light status for Date, Size, Duration, Bitrate and Channelmode. Sorting by these colums is also possible
  • Sorting within the Duplicate form (MD5-checksum / fingerprint)
    The result of finding duplicates by MD5-checksum or fingerprint can be sorted by the didplayed columns. However, the dupicate-groups will not be broken, the sorting will be done by the smallest item of the group.
  • Filtering and tools within the Duplicate form (MD5-checksum / fingerprint)
    You can mark all tracks that have the same album assigned like the currently focued track. After selecting this option, a filter will be applied and only those duplicate groups that are affected will be show.
    Some other cleanup options are availabe; you can delete duplicates from ampler-folders or albums that are not marked as complete
  • UNC paths
    Using and UNC path as target dir was limited to 259 characters; it's now possible to store longer paths (up to 2,000 characters)
  • Default genre
    You can define if the default genre should be applied also for tracks that are located in sampler albums
  • Encoding for filenames
    In the settings dialog for filenames you can define that AudioExpert should use the ANSI-Format (non-unicode) for naming your tracks. If your tracks do contain Unicodecharacters nevertheless, these characters will be replaced by an "_".

The following bugs were fixed:

  • Using the AutoTagging feature within the Duplicate-Dialog resulted in an error "track not found"
  • The AutoTagging feature sometimes broke down with a general exception fault

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