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The new version of AudioExpert is available. This version contains several improvements, e.g. the possibility to maintain the tags orchestra, composer and conductor. The replay capabilty was enhanced, it's now possible to crossfade tracks and to apply replaygain. This version supports also some commandline parameters.



Version 6.3 contains the following enhancements andchanges:

  • Maintenance for orchestra, composer and conductor
  • Crossfading while palying tracks
  • Apply ReplayGain for analyzed tracks
  • Shuffle tracks while replaying
  • When searching for changed tracks, the changed ID tags will be shown in detail
  • Pictures larger than 2MB will no longer be shown in the preview, but you can launch the associated viewer via doubleclick
  • Doubleclicking the previewimage will open the assosiated application; the internal viewer can still be opened via right-mouse click.
  • Single tracks can be copyied using the copy&paste functionality or Drag&Drop while holding down the ctrl key.
  • The playlist-editor will show the name of the currenlty openeded playlist
  • Integration of other players (play with <player>, enqueue in <player>) added to the right-mouse context menu and the mainmenu
  • Ability to search for the filname in the duplicates dialog
  • Filtering the playlist is possible; additionally also the treeview
  • All settings of the commit dialog will be stored
  • Additional option "integrate pictures for already committed files" now available
  • The last view (openend folders/albums) will be stored and can be restored on the next startup
  • Commandline parameters to add or import tracks  (/Play, /Add, /Enqueue resp. /import)

The following bugs were fixed

  • Deleting tracks from an album that was marked as "complete" did not reset the complete flag.
  • Preview of PNG files resultet in an error
  • When moving tracks to the trash older, the assigned tags were not moved
  • Sorting the listview by album was not possible
  • Searching for albumcovers did not succeed (fixed)
  • Sporadic error "unexpected xml structure" while autotagging solved
  • Sometimes the albumcover was not shown on the replay-tab
  • When normalizing with ReplayGain, the gain will no longer be applied; simply the gain is computed and added as tags
  • Some more minor bugfixes

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