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The new version is now available. Highlights are the import/export functionality for iTunes and the performance optimization especially for larger libraries. The defailled research dialog was enhanced and responds very quickly even on very large libraries.

The Version 7.0 contaiins the following extensions and changes:

  • Import files and tags of your  iTunes media center via the iTunes API or the XML-file
  • Export changes to your iTunes media center (incl. tag infos and filenames) from AudioExpert to iTunes via iTunes API or the XML file
  • If you have deselected the grouping by Album, you can also hide the albums in AudioExpert by the new setting options.
  • User-defined format-strings for naming the subfolders for artists and albums; this allows you to include the genre and/or the year to the foldernames.
  • ReplayGain will be shown in a separate column; you can search for tracks that were not analyzed with ReplayGain. Additionally you can define a global preamp for analyzed/not analyzed tracks in the settings dialog. This will only take affect if you have activated the loudness-correction by ReplayGain (Menü "Player").-
  • Create a backup-file for playlists before AudioExpert modifies it (deselectabel in the settings)
  • Performance optimization esp. for larger libraries
  • The default encoding for the ID3V2 tags is switched from UTF-16 to UTF-8. It is recommended to change the format, if you are using iTunes, because iTunes does not like the UTF-16 encoding.
  • You can define the number of tracks that will be shown in the ListView within the settings Dialog
  • The performance of the detailled search was optimized; e.g. searching for the artist "Abba" will take only 0.5 seconds in a library containg 250,000 tracks (having 1,000 hits). Searching for tracks containg "hello" takes approx. 2 seconds having 500 hits.
  • New option: Always synchronize Tree and List (Menu "View")
  • New optrion: Automatically start editmode in listview (menu Settings/Extended)
The following bugs were fixed:
  • Editing playlists that were saved in the ExtM3U format made AudioExpert to hide information on Artist/Album/title.
  • Filtering the playlists did not take into account the filename
  • When resetthing the filter of the Treeview, empty folders were not shown; hitting F5 fixed the problem
  • Sometimes a message "Tried to remove invalid node" came up when working with tags,
  • When deselecting the Option "show extended explorer information" a message "List index out of bounds" came up frequently.
  • "Out of Memory" exception within the commit process (and some other ) on larger libraries.
  • Within the autotagging, files were not moved from the "untagged" folder to rhe proper places in the "simple" mode.
  • When moving tracks to the trash folder, sometimes duplicate tracks were created

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