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Version has been released. As of this version, AudioExpert understands regular expressions. The alignment with iTunes has been improved. And of course, we have some more enhancements and bugfixes.

7.1 contains the following changes and enhancements:

  • The iTunes export does only take care of musicfiles. Podcasts, movies etc. will not be regarded.
  • When exporting albums to iTunes that have more than one disc, you can specify an additional token for the disc number.
  • Regular expressions for searching and bulk-changes are supported (Menu "search").
  • A list of the recently played tracks can be shown using menu "Player"
  • The remix artist is now supported and can be put into the filenames (see help)
  • New menu "tools" (menu "extras" or the contextmenu) for searching in the internet.
  • The ranking between tracks that were encoded with constant bitrate vs. tracks encoded in variable bitrate can be modified in the settings
  • The import wizard has a new option "Disable samplerdetection" to move all tracks to the non-sampler music folder


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Sometimes a message "constraint failed" came up while moving tracks to the trash folder
  • Working on a special library and using drag and drop, the tracks were not added to the shown library
  • Activating the options "Delete pictures from musicfiles" and "Integrate pictures in musicfiles" simultaniously, when the pictures existed only in the musicfiles, all pictures were deleted. As of this version, the desired number of pics will remain.
  • A warnung will pop up if you try to add filenames in unicode-format to an M3U Playlist.
  • Handling of the focus in the treeview having selected the option "always sync list and tree" was suboptimal.
  • The MusicBrainz alignment for sampler-albums did not set the artistname for each track



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