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Version of AudioExpert has been released. The AutoTagging feature is back again! And as of this version, AudioExpert can import CDs and convert them into the MP3 format. The playlist-handling has been improved, AudioExpert can save the paths in relative format.

Version 7.2 contains the following changes and extensions:

  • AutoTagging is back, thanks to the services of the.echonest
  • Import CDs and convert them into MP3-Format using LAME Encoder incl. FreeDB- und MusicBrainz- integration
  • Save paths of palylist in relative format (see settings dialog)
  • Save playlists in EXTM3U Format (see settings dialog)
  • User defined formatstring for EXTM3U-format (see settings dialog)
  • Settings-Dialog was refactured
  • Within the "check duplicates of last import runyou can select multiple tracks and import them in one step automatically using/creating a unique name
  • You can import albumcoves from the explorer using drag&drop and dropping them onto the picture element in the bottom part of the mainscreen.
  • AudioExpert will save the Albumname into the frame "AlbumArtist" resp. "Band" for sampler albums (compilations). This enables other players like e.g. Zune to detect the samplers correctly
  • AudioExpert is now able to update iTunes Playlists.
  • You can save tracks from the "unknown album" directly under the artists's subfolder. The "album" frame will be left empty. See settings dialog.
  • New functions availabe for the format-string, see helpfile


The following bugs were fixed

  • Memoryleak on very large libraries within the import- and commitrun fixed
  • Refactored the intrgration of pictures into musicfiles
  • When renaming a folder, the associated tracks were not set into preview mode and therefore they were not moved within the next commit run.


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