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AudioExpert - Changelog

Saturday, 30 November 2013 14:11

  • AudioExpert 10.0.1 is now available. This version contains the following improvements and bugfixes:

  • Synchronization / export to MTP devices (eg Android mobile phones) did not work in some cases
  • The "Compilation" flag was not set properly for M4A/MP4 files
  • The search for broken music files has been optimized
  • Improved error handling within the MusicBrainz search



Sunday, 17 November 2013 21:08

AudioExpert 10.0 is now available. This version contains the following improvements and bugfixes:

  • Frequency analysis / bit rate verification
    AudioExpert can determine the actual quality of the music files, and so expose poor-quality audio files, which have subsequently been re-encoded in higher bit rate. For manual audit, displaying the frequency spectrum is possible.
  • Support of "Portable devices"
    Synchronizing and importing devices that are not mounted with a drive letter by Windows (for example Android mobile phones) is supported.
    Prerequisite: Win7 or later.
  • Search for release date
    You can findthe first release date for an album (or more) at MusicBrainz and assign it to the respective titles, also available in the album properties dialog
  • Search for genre
    New search for the genre (from in the " Search > Search Genre... " menu, also available in the album properties.
    Scrobbling of the currently playing songs to is supported, see the menu "Extras > Settings" , tab "More"
  • AIFF format
    Music files in AIFF are supported
  • Custom path settings
    You can define a custom folder structure in the filesystem in the folder properties dialog (for each mainfolder separately) 
    Eg: .. \ genre \ year \ album \ title
  • Synchronizing Libraries
    Here you can optionally define a completely custom directory structure for the target directory
  • Exporting tracks
    When exporting music files to another directory, the layout of the subdirectories can also be defined manually. In addition, the last export operation using the F4 key can be repeated
  • Search for album covers
    Possibility to edit the search terms for the Google search
    Cover can also be searched at
  • Duplicates with the same name
    Importing tracks with the same name but different track numbers is now allow. No change of the file name in AudioExpert is enforced. This is also possible fo r differences in the year or the remix artists
  • Join multiple CD albums
    If you prefer an album with a continuous numbering insetad of several albums that each count of 1, you can merge them via menu
  • Resolve Sampler
    You can resolve a compilation, so that the titles will be moved to the best possible album (with MusicBrainz Suppport ) assigned to the respective artists
  • Normalize volume directly after import
    Normalizing newly imported titles directly after the commit-run using ReplayGain or MP3Gain is possible
  • Show titles without MP3Gain
    New filtering function "Show only titles without Mp3Gain" in the "View"
  • Incomplete albums
    You now can not only highlight gaps in the numbering of titles, but also duplicate numbers
  • Error dialog "Please insert disk"
    Improved handling for files that are associated with a CD drive in the current hardware configuration.
  • Quick search: View Entire albums
    Displaying the entire album in the quicksearch if only few tracks of this album were found
  • Backup of keywords / Library Info
    Custom Tags and library information can be saved and restored manually via the menu "Extras > Database Tools"
  • Text export
    The column order when exporting to TXT or CSV format can be changed in the settings. CSV files can be exported in UTF-8 format if necessary.
  • Database check
    If AudioExpert can't access the database file within startup, an error message is displayed.
  • Show only incomplete albums
    Configure the meaning of "show only incomplete albums" in the settings dialog
  • Renumber tracks
    The underlying sort order when renumbering can be defined
  • Include images - limit image size
    Defining a maximum size in the settings dialog is possible to limit the size of pictures to embed in the audiofiles.
  • Search dialog
    Adding tracks to libraries from within the seachdialog is now possible.
  • Check duplicates in the trash
    If tracks have been sorted-out to the trash folder within manual operations, you now can review them in the special dialog "Extras > Check duplicates in trash folder"
  • Organize Genre + year
    The dialog is able to gather missing information from



  • Sudden change in volume when switching to the next track, in case the volume was adjusted using the slider during playback
  • Memory leak for GDI resources resolved
  • Error message "Field 'User Defined' not found" if *. Scn files exist
  • Sporadic, non- reproducible crash when importing run

Friday, 05 July 2013 20:01

Audio Expert 9.6.1 is now available. This version contains the following improvements, enhancements and bugfixes:

  • iTunes-Export: You can select if the entire collection should be exported or only a subset (library)
  • Import: If a file of a better quality is imported that does not contain lyrics, the lyrics will be copied from the existing file. In addition, previously existing imaged willl be re-intrgrated within the next commit run.
  • Flexfilter: Extended filter criteria "Playcount " and "Imported on"
  • Quickfilter: New searchfileds "Imported on", "Playcount" and "Last played on"
  • Quickfilter: It is possible to configure the fileds to search for
  • Quickfilter: Settings dialog offers the option to expand all nodes in the treeview within an active quicksearch
  • Quickfilter: Canneling the quicksearch will restore the last tree state in case no other node has been selected manually
  • New database: using menu "Extras > Database tools > New database" you can create a new, empty database
  • MusicBrainz-sync: Artists or albums containing an '/' could not be aligned
  • The settings of "Normalize loudness" are stored and restored when reopening the form

Saturday, 27 April 2013 19:01

Audio Expert 9.6.0 is now available. This version contains the following improvements, enhancements and bugfixes:

  • The "Sampler Album Search" (menu "Search") now has a preview function
  • In the overall-field change the filename can be selected as source
  • The CD Import supports additional artists
  • The column width in the preview of the overall fieldchange is stored
  • Generating "random libraries" (menu "Library> generate random library") helps to create a  subset for synchroinisation to external media
  • Reverse Synchronizing libraries: Deleted or added titles in the destination folder can also be deleted/added in AudioExpert
  • A detailed protocol for synchronization of libraries is included
  • iTunes Export: Tracks that AudioExpert does not find in iTunes can be flagged with a category so that they can be manually deleted from iTunes. This is especially helpful when these songs should be deleted from the iCloud, since otherwise iTunes will display a dialog for each track separately
  • Export to iTunes can be initiated immediately after the commit run
  • The handling of Ctrl + F (Global Search / Quick Search) can be configured in the settings, so the first hit of Ctrl + F will immediately open the quicksearch (menu "Extras > Options", "View" tab)
  • Gaps in the numbering of songs  can be highlighted by a red line when the new option is selected in the settings ("View" tab)
  • The report function ("File> Generate Report") also generates statistics on libraries and keywords
  • You can define a start-position for the music recognition in the settings dialog, tab "Internet"
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of the needed disk space if the option "Do not move tracks" is activated in the commit wizard
  • In the detailed search (menu "Search> Search in Database") it is possible to search for an exact match of  title by using double quotes ("text")
  • Fixed a bug that in the "Repair Database" function that forced the function to fail under certain circumstances
  • Cleanup notation: The text in brackes can be removed
  • Tag- and library infos were sometimes deleted in case of a duplicate track was deleted

Friday, 15 March 2013 08:31

AudioExpert is now available. This version contains the following improvements, extensions and bugfixes:

  • Manually deleted tracks (e.g. DEL key) were only deleted within the commit run if the option "Delete duplicates" was activated.
    As of this version, those tracks will be deleted independently from the duplicate option.
    If you have selcted to COPY the files into the AudioExpert target directory, the originals will not be deleted, but the files fill not be copied to the destination directory.
  • It was not possible to switch the columns using the TAB key in the "CD Import"
  • The settings-dialog offers options to deactivate the standby-mode and screensaver as long as AudioExpert runs



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