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AudioExpert - Changelog

Monday, 30 July 2012 07:07

AudioExpert 9.0.6 is now available. This version contains the following improvements, extensions and bugfixes:

  • Improved searchfunction in the duplicates result form
  • Performance-optimization when committing changes to a very large database
  • Several smaller enhacements and bugfixes
  • Counter how often a track was played
  • Filter for replaying tracks (menu "player > edit replay filter")
  • Possibilita to set a start number when re-numbering tracks
  • Fixed errormessage while importing from CD including albumcovers

Tuesday, 17 July 2012 20:32

AudioExpert 9.0.5 is now available. This version contains the following improvements, extensions and bugfixes:

  • Overall field change: Using the menu "Edit > Overall field change" you can easily perform updates that have an effect on two fields
  • Improved drag&drop support from the playlist-editor or the detailled search
  • Layout of some edit controls (e.g. beim CD-Import) was corrupted in some cases
  • When searching album covers while importing a CD, an error came up if the CD-Import was finished before the cover was selected.
  • When importing a multi-CD album, the suggested album of MusicBrainz showed always the first CD

Saturday, 02 June 2012 10:45

AudioExpert 9.0.4 is now available. This version contains the following improvements, extensions and bugfixes:

  • For albums that have more than one CD: You can define how AudioExpert shall store the  files in the filesystem using the settings-dialog (Menu "Extras > Settings", tabsheet "Albumoptions").
  • You can use any command-line based encoder to transcode musicfiles while exporting to a directory (previously only lame was supported)
  • Some improvements concernig the  focus / refresh handling while editing the listview, esp. if you have activated the option "Always sync list and tree"
  • Some smaller enhancements in the MusicBrainz alignment
  • Delete Metadata or just remove them from the disc
  • Reactivate already processed duplicates after an import-run (if no commit run was initiated)
  • Delete successfully integrated pictures within the commit run
  • New option "do not create subfolders" within the export of tracks
  • Problems with focus-handling in treeview (e.g. after Drag&Drop or renaming) fixed



Thursday, 24 May 2012 00:00

AudioExpert 9.0.3 is now available.

This releases fixes the following error:

Sometimes, iTunes did not display the albumart for MP3 files, if the ID3-Format was set to V2.3 or V2.4.
As of this version, iTunes will show the covers.


Friday, 18 May 2012 21:17

AudioExpert 9.0.2 is now available. This version contains the following improvements, extensions and bugfixes:

  • Several bugfixes for the new view "Show like Windows Explorer"
  • Genre and year can be overwritten with empty values
  • Normalizing tracks with replay gain did not set the albumGain correctly
  • SQL Error while exporting large amounts of tracks to an XML file fixed
  • Fulltext search in helpfile is now working
  • While editing the artist of more than one track in the lisview, keeping the album is now possible
  • Canceling bulk-change-operations is possible
  • Possible database inconsistency after importing duplicate files fixed
  • Deleting nonexisting tracks from itunes within the "Search new treacks in iTunes" dialog did not work
  • Wen setting the encoding to ID3V2.4 you can advice AudioExpert to save ID3V1 tags in addition so the windows-explorer shows the tags properly
  • Optimizations and better error-handling for the music recognition




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