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AudioExpert - Screenshots



Your library is hierarchically shown in the mainform. You can edit all information immediately in the tree- and listview. You can move tracks, albums or artists using Drag&Drop.


ImportWizard 1 ImportWizard 2 ImportWizard 3

Import music (1)

Before you can work with AudioExpert you have to import musicfiles first.

Import music (2)

The import wizard offers a load of options...

Import music (3) get best results after the import process

Check duplicates Autotagging Codepage conversion

Check duplicates

All tracks that AudioExpert identified as duplicates are shown and can manually be checked.


Even completely untagged files can be identified.

Codepages conversion

If you are facing tracks that were tagged in a different codepage, you can convert the information within this dialog.

Folder properties Title properties Album properties

Folder properties

For each folder you can define how the associated tracks should be arranged.

Title properties

You can edit details on selected tracks within this dialog.

Album properties

Details on albums can be edited here. You can also change the disk number and the genre or year of the included tracks.

Quicksearch Search local Search remote


Using the Shortcut Ctrl+F you can open the quicksearch. The quicksearch allows you a detailled and quick search in your database.

Search local database

An alternative search method is the local search.

MusicBrainz online research

You can also query the online database at MusicBrainz.

Align with MusicBrainz Sync libraries Commit changes

Align with MusicBrainz

You can align your albums with MusicBrainz. So you can see easily if your album is complete or if (and wich) tracks are missing

Synchronize libraries

You can synchronize parts of your library with an external device, e.g. a mp3-player

Commit changes

After having cleaned up your library, you can commit the changes and apply them to your files.

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