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How to install AudioExpert?

To install AudioExpert, download the installer software using the "Download" link on the Download-Page. Unzip the downloaded zip file and run the included installer "Setup_Free.exe" by doublecklicking the executable file. Then follow the instructions.
Please refer to the system requirements.


How to uninstall AudioExpert?

In case you want to remove AudioExpert from your computer, you can do this within the Windows Control-Panel, section "Programs and Features":
Select AudioExpert from the list of installed applications and click the menu "Uninstall". After confirming the uninstall process, AudioExpert will be removed from your comuter.

However, the uninstall will not remove any data that was created while working with AudioExpert. If you want to delete these data too, you will have to manually delete the data folder using the Windows-Explorer.
By default, this folder is located in "%appdata%\AudioXP".

In addition, settings that were stored in the Windows-Registry will not be deleted automatically. To safely remove these data, delete the registry-key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\udse\AudioXP" by using the Windows-tool "Regedit"


In case of problems or questions you can always contact us using the Contact page.

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