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Windows 10 - Prevent automatic reboot after installing Windows-updates (Anniversary Update)

Windows 10 has a very annoying feature: After installing updates, it enforces a rude reboot at some certain state.


Any running process will be killed by the oprtating system - no chance for you to interrupt or stop this 
All unsaved data will get lost!

For me as an end-user, this is totally unacceptable. It cannot be ture that an operating system (that obviously has gone wild) discards my work because it thinks it is the best for me!

Searching the internet, you will find several tipps and tricks to stop windows from rebooting. However, none of them really works, at least since the latest "Anniversary-Update" of Windows 10

The good news: The Version 1607 (aka Anniversary-Update) has a new feature called "active times" that you can define in the settings dialog. This allows you to define a (max. 18 hours) timeslot in which Windows won't bother you with rebooting. However, these 18 hours are too short if you have your PC running e.g. on weekends or so.


Here is the solution:

A simple Windows-Service that will update this "active hours" timeslot in the background. 
You can get it here at no charge for free!.

The german computer magazin c't writes in editon 03/2017 as of 01-21-2017:
The "RebootBlocker" written by Ulrich Decker is suitable to get the unwanted reboots under control. The setup installs a windows-service, that will update the "active hours" every hour, so windows will never be allowed to reboot. We don't know yet any other working solution.

The installer program will check the Windows-version itself. An installation on a "wrong" version will be cancelled.

How to install the Reboot-Blocker?

Simply download the small installer (1.265 KB, slightly above 1 MB):
Please read our general terms and conditions and the  Enduser license agreement (EULA)
Download for free V2.0

The download works with all common browsers.
Then start the setup routine by doubleclicking the installer.
Accept the license and confirm to install.

The windows service will be installed and launched automatically.

  • No virus.
  • No spyware.
  • No adware.
  • No bullshit.
  • Pomised.



How to remove the Reboot-Blocker?

Use the Windows-startmenü "Programs and Features" and search for "RebootBlockerSevice".
Using the right-mouse key and selecting "uninstall" will remove the Reboot-Blocker from you computer free of residues.

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